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Safina has over 22 years as an Orthoptist working with expert ophthalmologists, including working at Guys and St Thomas’s Hospital, and The Sussex Eye Hospital in Brighton.

After qualifying in 2000 with BMedSci Orthoptics (Hons) from the University of Sheffield, she completed a Masters in 2009. Extensive Management and Leadership experience was gained via a NHS leadership Post-Graduate Diploma in 2018 with Birmingham University. She is currently an honorary lecturer for Liverpool University.

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Safina Rashid

MMedSci Orthoptics

Head of Orthoptic & Optometry
Royal Free and Whittington Hospital

Safina has worked in an extended role in Glaucoma for 15 years and has helped develop services to enhance efficiency and efficacy in NHS services as well as developing careers for her team. She continues to work in clinics for complex squints in children and adults, and Neuro-Ophthalmology. She is experienced in ophthalmic imaging and visuals fields especially kinetic visual field testing and has enjoyed teaching these topics to Orthoptists and Ophthalmologists.

Being an Orthoptist can be the most rewarding role when you are able to solve the puzzle for someone’s symptoms and offer solutions

As a mother of two, Safina loves being an Orthoptist whilst bringing up her children. She strives for excellence and is passionate about service improvements for users and providers. Using her experience as a parent and as an Orthoptist she undertook an audit looking at the parent adherence to amblyopia treatment (occlusion therapy) and presented this at the 2013 BIPOSA conference.

I endeavor to help develop roles and training for staff within the ophthalmic team and take pride in providing leadership for good clinical practice.

Research Experience and Publications

Jun 2007
The effect of selective laser therapy on trabecular outflow facility and intra-ocular pressure

Goyal S, Rashid S, Beltran-Agullo L, Nath R, Adanna O, Lim KS

Jun 2008
Presented at the American Academy of Ophthalmology 2008

The effect of selective laser therapy on trabecular outflow facility and intra-ocular pressure.

Goyal S, Rashid S, Beltran-Agullo L, Nath R, Adanna O, Lim KS

Jul 2008
Aqueous dynamics studies

Collaborated on the Paper.

Guys and St Thomas’ Foundation NHS Trust, London

Aug 2008
Presented at the International Orthoptic Association, Antwerp, Belgium 2008

Validating crowded LogMAR Kay Picture Chart against the ETDRS chart

Sep 2008
The use of COMPlog Kay and Kay Crowded LogMAR book in amblyopic children - a comparative study

MMedSci - final year dissertation

Jun 2011
Comparative Human Aqueous Dynamics Study between Black and White Subjects with Glaucoma

Laura Beltran-Agullo, MD1, Pouya Alaghband, MD1, Safina Rashid, BMEDSCI Orthoptist1, Josee Gosselin, Optometrist1, Adanna Obi, FRCOphth.1, Rahat Husain, MD(Res), FRCOphth.1 and Kin Sheng Lim, MD(Res), FRCOphth.Invest.

Ophthalmol. Vis. Sci. October 6, 2011 iovs.10-7130

Jul 2011
Validation of printed and computerised crowded Kay picture logMAR tests against gold standard ETDRS acuity test chart measurements in adult and amblyopic paediatric subjects

N Shah, D A H Laidlaw, S Rashid & P Hysi

Eye 26, 593-600 doi:10.1038/eye.2011.33